(think circular flipbook)


(think circular flipbook)

I first saw a Mutoscope in Disneyworld, they had a big room filled with these beautifully painted, ornate cast iron things. I stepped up to one with Charlie Chaplin, grabbed the handle and started to crank. I was amazed that a bunch of still images created a movie that I controlled.


Years later, when I saw the inside of a Mutoscope, I understood what my mom meant when she said "outer beauty is one thing, but it's what's inside that counts"


I thought, if I took the wheel of images, just the guts, it would make a beautiful  interactive sculpture. Here are my uncaged versions of a Mutoscope.



Swan dive

o' tacoma

where the bridge blows swiftly in the wind

Zoe & layla

where the sisters dance


an endless explosion

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